Talent Tuesday Red Hawk Coaching | Anna Jaso eXp Realty LLC San Marcos Texas

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Today I would like to recognize the amazing Anna Jaso brokered by eXp Realty LLC providing residential real estate services for home buyers, home sellers, and real estate investors in the San Marcos, Texas (Great Oaks neighborhood) and Texas Hill Country areas. Anna's goal for 2021 is to assist 24 families with their real estate needs whether buying or selling a home.
I love her passion for the business, and more importantly, her commitment for providing great customer service for her clients. Help Anna reach her goal. Connect with Anna at 830-832-6211 or email [email protected].
BTW - San Marcos holds a special place in my heart. SM is my hometown. Go Rattlers.


Posted by: Jeremy Williams is the owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching based in Houston, Texas. Red Hawk Coaching works with small business owners across our great country to soar in both business and life. Learn more about the coaching services provided by Coach Jeremy Williams.

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