Dropping the F-Bomb as a Coach Doesn't Make You Sophisticated

Having been a business coach since 2010, I've seen the industry evolve, and the people that claim to be professional business coaches re-establish standards on what is acceptable. One thing that has been a pet peeve for me over the years is coaches using curse words in their messaging under the guise of it being a "pattern interrupt". What is a pattern interrupt? A pattern interrupt is something used when the conversation or thinking is stuck in a rut. It can produce momentary confusion, which then allows the conversation or thinking to pivot to something else.

Here my thoughts on the topic in the video above.

Are you looking for a coach that doesn't use curse words as a pattern interrupt rather a coach that asks powerful questions to help you unlock your potential in the business world? Let's connect today over a FREE business strategy call. Bring to the call a topic that I can help you create strategies around to overcome. Schedule your time today by visiting my website.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams
Red Hawk Coaching

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