One-on-One Coaching Program

Are you ready to achieve a breakthrough in your business? This is an exclusive coaching program reserved for only a few  individuals with a growth mindset and a desire to have BIG results. Space is limited, get started today.

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45 Minute, One-on-One Coaching Appointments

Have you been in coaching programs that offer a 30 minute block, and you feel it just wasn't enough time to get coached up for the week? Jeremy provides extended coaching sessions with his clients to get them on the path to success. Choosing to coach with Jeremy allows a deeper dive into your particular business and needs. When you sign up for my One-on-One Coaching Program, you are guaranteed a minimum of 40 one-on-one sessions a year.


Developing Powerful Habits

While 90% of running a successful business may be mindset and 10% focused on skill, are you desiring coaching that addresses the "how to" as opposed to the "what if" or defining your "future self"? My One-on-One Coaching Program is a no BS zone and focused on a logical approach to developing a successful business. You will find no rainbows, unicorns, or leprechauns in this group of achievers. The coaching you will receive is how to develop powerful habits to move you towards your goals.


Access to All Red Hawk Coaching Products

You may have already decided to join this exclusive coaching group, and you may still be on the fence? Last but not least, as a member of my One-on-One Coaching Program, you will have access to all other coaching products offered on the site at no additional cost. You get everything currently offered, and you get everything developed in time while a member of the program. You are making an investment in yourself by becoming a part of my program. I am ready to take this journey with you, let's get started today.


"Jeremy's style of coaching is a breath of fresh air! If you're looking to take your success to the next level, don't wait to call and sign up today. Having an athletic background, a coach/mentor is a must. Since signing up for coaching, my volume has tripled. It's only been five months and the best is yet to come. Jeremy, thanks for your support, dedication, and helping my business reach the next level."

Tonette Pipkins
Branch Manager for NRL Mortgage

"With Jeremy’s guidance and a lot of patience, I have been able to achieve a level of production that I never would have imagined I could do. He continues to help me beat down limiting beliefs, introduce me to people that can help me learn more, and makes sure the business stays in a continuous positive motion. Jeremy’s the real deal and authentically cares about each of his coaching clients. If I ever believe in myself as much as he does, I’ll have it made!"

Bobbie Callahan
REALTOR® Callahan Real Estate Group Powered by Keller Williams Realty Northeast

"Working with Jeremy has made a huge impact on my business as well as my personal life. Multi-tasking is something I thought I was really good at, but Jeremy is helping me focus on that "One Thing" for the day and focus for the week that is a making meaningful difference in how I grow my business."

Susan Brown
REALTOR® Your Texas Connection Powered by Keller Williams Realty Northeast

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You owe it to yourself to make an investment in your business by signing up today for my Inner Circle coaching program. Hire a powerful coach like me to get you on the path of success and goal achievement. I look forward to beginning our journey together soon!


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